Vertical Feed Conveyor

" Hooked " flights allow a 75 degree angle of feed to save space. Suitable for dry, frozen and fresh products.

All stainless steel construction with unique " hooked "
flights to allow for up to a 75 degree near vertical feed
of dry, frozen and fresh produce. The design of the
conveyor body allows a full wash down facility and
the integral side flights flex around the corners to
mean that there are no side guides to remove
for cleaning

Can be used as a stand alone conveyor or can be
used with our vibratory feeders and other packaging

The height of this can be up to 6 metres and can also
be extended to give a reach of a further 6 metres
(approximately) to reach across to where required.
Options include variable speed inverter control
if required.

Product Specifications

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From £6,480.00 ex VAT