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    Vegetable Preparation Station VPS-6


    The vegetable preparation station VPS-6 can be placed before the belt cutting machine BCM-3000. The upper conveyor belt of the station connects seamlessly to the lower conveyor belt of the belt cutting machine. The preparation station is suitable for six employees. Each employee has his own crate holder, a plastic cutting board and a waste funnel. Vegetable ready to be cut are placed on the upper belt. This upper belt is connected to the belt cutting machine, which carries the products to the knife of the belt cutting machine. Waste (stumps, bad leaves) can be thrown in the waste funnels and disappears to the lower belt of the preparation station. The lower belt has a swan construction (kink upwards), transporting the waste in to a large plastic container.

    Technical data

    Dimensions: L x W x H = 4040 x 1000 x 1060 mm, width incl. platforms and crate holders = 2320 mm, height incl. switch box = 1850 mm. width upper belt = 275 mm, width lower belt = 400 mm.

    Electrical data: 3 Ph / 400 V / 0.37 kW / 1.54 A, Speed upper belt 0,21 m/s (at 50 HZ), speed lower belt 0,38 m/s

    Weight: approx. 400 kg


    Price Price available on request inc. VAT
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    Vegetable Preparation Station VPS-6

    Vegetable Preparation Station VPS-6
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