Anko LP-3001 Automatic layered & stuffed paratha Production line

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Through the specially designed mechanisms, rolling, sheeting, wrapping extruding, folding and forming to produce max. 32 layers dough balls. After pressing, the layer parathas are finished. Equipped with a filling & forming mechanism, the dough balls can wrap various stuffing automatically to produce different taste stuffed pastries, such as curry pastries, barbecued pork pastries, bean paste pastries etc. 

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  • Size:(L)10350mmx(W)7550mmx(H)1700mm
  • Electricity:220/380V, 50/60Hz, Three Phase, 10kw
  • Net Weight:4500 kgs
  • Specification of products
    • Weight of product:50-130g/pc
    • Minimum thickness:3mm
    • Max. Layer: 32 layers
    • Diameter of Paratha: 180mm
    • (Different size is available)
  • Flow chart of production
    • 1.Place dough into the hopper. Throuth the special designed rollers to roll and sheet dough into a thin dough belt. It does not need a dough sheeter, so it saves time, space and does not destroy the texture of dough.
    • 2.The margarine is extruded onto the dough belt, through a special designed wrapping mechanism to well wrap the margarine inside the dough sheet. The margarine will not leak out to destroy the layers of pastry.
    • 3.Folding mechanism swings the dough belt with margarine inside onto the delivering conveyer to increase the layers of pastry.
    • 4.Rolling mechanism uses the speed difference between the special rollers and conveyer to roll up the dough belt into a round shape dough cylinder. It can equip an extra stuffing extruder to roll up a stuffed dough cylinder.
    • 5.The plain or stuffed dough cylinder goes through the wrapping mechanism to be formed into dough balls. The both ends are close to keep from the leak of stuffing and keepthe layers.
    • 6.After resting, place the dough balls between the top and bottom films, then through a sensor, they will be delivered to the pressing location to be pressed into finished products (parathas).
    • 7.The clamping mechanism clamps the finished products onto the conveyer. The products also can be stacked at a setting quantity, then delivered out by conveyer.
  • Automatic filming and pressing machine
    • size:(L)3845mmx(W)886mmx(H)1360mm
    • Electricity:220/380V, 50/60Hz, single/Three Phase, 1kw
    • Net Weight:320kgs
    • Capacity:1500-3200 pcs/hour
  • Automatic filming and pressing machine 
    • Place the resting dough balls between the top and bottom film, through the pneumatic pressing plates to press them into about 3mm thin pastries, then cut film, counting and stacking. It is suitable for making paratha and Chinese green onion crepes.
  • Special Design
    • There are films at both top and bottom of dough balls to prevent the dough balls stick on the pressing plates or conveyer. It can equip a counter and stacker to stack the products at a setting quantity.
Product Brochure

Product Brochure

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