Anko SS-3000C Sushi Rice Forming Machine with Conveyor

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  • Steamed Rice Mixer
    • The passages of rice are made of non-stick material, so that rice won't stick in the machine.
  • Forming Mold
    • Steady operation provides you uniform products.
  • Easy-use Controller
    • Speed control function
  • Converyer
    • Exclusive for SS-3000C, the bend-able design makes an easy stowing.
  • Round Plate
    • Exclusive for SS-3000T, Save your space and easy to clean.
Certificate: CE

  SS-3000 Series
Length 380mm
Width 290/450mm(onveyor included)
Height 490mm
Weight 25kgs, 220V, Single phase
Available Weight of Nigiri 18g, 20g, 22g (depends on the mold)