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    Bao Machines

    Bao Machines

    We are proud to present ANKO's SD range of multipurpose filling and forming machines, the ultimate solution for your bao bun production needs.

    Introducing the ANKO SD range, including the SD-97W Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine, a revolutionary solution for your food production needs. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, these machines are perfect for processes such as bao bun production, transforming your processes and enhancing your product range.

    Features of ANKO Commercial Bao Making Machines

    Whether you own a small independent restaurant or a large food factory, this powerful range of machinery is designed to take your world food production to the next level and offers a wealth of impressive features.

    Built-in IoT System

    ANKO has integrated advanced food production technology into these machines, allowing you to sign up and log on to their IoT website. This enables you to monitor and manage your food production in real-time. Manufacturing data and production yield rates are collected and analysed through Big Data, providing you with cost-effective suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of your production line.

    Space-saving and Easy to Repair

    These machines require minimal space, allowing you to make flexible use of your production area. The parts are made of food-grade plastic, ensuring safety and easy maintenance. The compact size makes installation and cleaning a breeze.

    Suitable for Various Fillings

    The SD range can handle a wide variety of fillings, including bean paste, peanut powder, minced meat, sesame paste, and more, without compromising the original flavour. This flexibility allows you to create diverse and delicious bao buns to cater to different tastes.

    Easy Part Change for Product Diversity

    ANKO's Multipurpose Filling and Forming machines are designed for product versatility. With a special filling device, you can produce vegetable buns, meat buns, xiao long bao, red tortoise cake, filled glutinous rice balls, mochi, chao zhou dumplings, mooncakes, sweet green rice balls, and more. The shutters are easily interchangeable, allowing you to create patterned or non-patterned bao buns or other special shapes effortlessly.

    Controlled by Independent Motor and Inverter

    These machines utilise a stepless variable speed control motor and an inverter for precise control. You can easily adjust the weight of the product and the proportion of filling to the dough, ensuring consistency and quality in every bao bun produced.

    Resettable Counter Function

    The SD range comes with a resettable counter function, allowing operators to easily track the total output. This feature provides valuable production data and helps you keep track of your manufacturing progress.

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    Streamline Your Bao Bun Production

    With ANKO's SD range of Multipurpose Filling and Forming machines, you can streamline your bao bun production, increase efficiency, and expand your product offerings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to new heights. Contact us now to learn more and get a quick quote!

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