Bear Mixers Newsletter

New generation “AR” mixers: The VL-1 series
From 1st March 2011, all our AR30, AR40 and AR60
mixers will be delivered in a new version, which is based
on the well known and reliable design that BEAR Varimixer
is famous for. We are adding features that will meet the
customers increasing demand for quality and intelligent design.

The new standards are:
• Choice of black or white frame – for unique and
stylish appearance
• Smooth surface VL-1 panels with rubber sealing for
improved hygiene – and looks!
• Digital timer displaying minutes and seconds for
precise mixing
• VL-1 version features soft bowl lowering (gas damper)
for improved ergonomics
• VL-1S version can lower the bowl automatically when
the timer hits zero
• Stainless steel flat beater in the A-equipment for easy
dishwasher cleaning
New stylish AR-brochure and digital photos are available. Please send your inquiries for these to

Why black?
Well, if you look at a white AR-mixer, you will find black feet, black knees,
black knobs and handles. By painting the rest of the body black, you get a
more sleek and uniform looking machine, which gives an elegant contrast
to the stainless steel features.
Instead of only focusing on the good functions of the mixer, you can now
also appeal to the customer’s sense for style and appearance.