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PPMA Press Release 2009

The Food Machinery Company have again chosen the PPMA show as a venue to launch an important new addition to their range of specialist food processing and packaging machinery

A leading consortium of manufacturers of packaging machinery have chosen our company to represent them in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Consortium comprises of:

                        BOHUI Vertical form fill & seal machines
                                    Prices from under £ 7,000

                        HIGH DREAM high speed multi head weighers
                                    Prices from under £ 11,000

                        ACK Linear weighers and auger feeders
                                    Prices from under £ 5,000

                        A0-CHI  Metal detectors  & check weighers
                                    Prices from under £ 6,000

In addition we can also offer a comprehensive range of feed conveyors to suit all clients requirements.

On display at the PPMA will be a sachet machine and Auger filler as well as a selection from our Companies proven range of:

JONI Cooking kettles,
KULP Volumetric depositors,
UNIIKON Tunnel washers,
FMC Vacuum Packers
Visits to the company’s web site already exceeds 300 hits every day of the week

More and more customers are realising the importance of purchasing good quality machinery from an established company with over 30 years of expertise rather than taking their chance by buying machines of questionable parentage from auction.


The Food Machinery Company has been appointed the UK and European representative for the Taiwanese JENG YUH range of Vacuum Cooling equipment.

The first system has just been installed at TAIKO Foods in London, a leading manufacturer of Sushi.

The chilling times are fantastically fast for example 50 Kg of rice can be cooled from 95 degrees Centigrade to 20 degrees Centigrade in just over FOUR Minutes !

Vacuum Cooling as a process is not new, but the level of investment has stopped many producers from even considering the process, despite the significant improvements in product quality, microbial counts and cooling costs.

However, the unique design of the Jeng Yuh range offers vacuum coolers at prices close to that of conventional blast chillers.

The Jeng Yuh coolers offer two distinct styles of cooler, the traditional "kettle" style of cooler and a unique shelf / trolley loading version with capacities from 60 kg up to 400Kg per batch.

The process is suitable for virtually all food products from Ready meals, Potatoes, sauces, Roast Meats, Desserts etc

Food Machinery also represent

JONI Cooking Kettles, cooking kettles with stirrers and integral steam generators, KULP volumetric depositors, REEPACK tray sealers and can offer a complete turnkey service for every item required for the manufacturing of Ready Meals, sauces and soups.

We also used our 30 years of experience and expertise to also launch a complete new range of packaging and processing machinery from CHINA, these machines include:

Continuous fryers and enrobing machinery
Vacuum packers and bag sealers
Metal detectors and check weighers

See our website at to view our whole range


The Food Machinery Company are the UK representatives for JONI Cooking Kettles, Caplain Bakery machinery and ANKO snack processing machinery in addition to the remainder of their range of industrial food processing and packaging machinery

The company installs and maintains all the equipment with their own team of factory trained engineers and technicians, plus also has a development kitchen at their Rochester headquarters to enable clients to carry out tests and trials on many of the machines.

We supply most of the leading producers of snack food throughout the UK

The Anko range especially has many innovative machines for producing both sweet and savoury snacks such as:

Samosa’s - Spring Rolls - Kubba - Date & Fruit bars - Cookies

The range also includes machines for automatic cookie dough depositing, cake cutters and slicers and much more besides.