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Food MC LTD offers new slim line sandwich packaging that saves on waste and recycling



The Material: 

85% Reduction in the use of plastic; Recyclable plastic along with a compostable material option; Increase in shelf, stock and delivery capacity.

The Food MC Ltd. have formed a partnership with EGI Ltd. to offer the UK sandwich industry a new packaging solution to be launched on September 24th during the Lunch! exhibition show, and will reappear during the PPMA show on the 29th.  The new packaging is being offered at under £0.05 per piece and it can solve the recycling and waste issue within the food-to-go sandwich sector.

The packaging will only be 30-40µ (microns) in thickness, achieving up to an 85% reduction in plastic used; it will be fully recyclable with a further compostable option.  The Food MC Ltd. will be aiming to simultaneously increase the recycling rate and reduce waste volume at a cost efficient price, and in addition to the packaging, The Food MC Ltd. will also be able to supply the machine.