Continuous Fryers & Cooking Oil Filters

We offer a wide range of continous fryers plus oil filtration and oil storage systems.

The continuous fryers range from a 250mm wide entry level fryer through to 1 Metre wide high volume systems, There are also specialist spiral fryers for frying nuts and small snack products.

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BYZJ-200 Continuous Frying machine 250mm belt width with water filtration system

Continuous Fryer with 250mm wide belt. Unique water bath for filtration of particles from the oil
From £19,162.50

Conveyorised Fryers

High Specification continuous fryer with belts from 400mm - 1200mm wide
Price available on request

LF Oil Filters

Multi stage vacuum filter for filtering cooking oils.
From £13,945.31

BYG-2000 2000ltr oil tank

Oil Storage Tank with circulation pump.
From £10,417.97