The DP is a horizontal ribbon mixer used widely with powder and granular products with a sticky cohesion.
From £23,437.50

DP series mixer has a Horizontal tank, single shaft with a
dual spiral symmetrical circular structure.
The top cover of the U Shape tank has an entrance for 
material. It can be also designed with a spray or add 
liquiddevice according the customer’s needs. 
Inside the tank there is a axes rotor which 
consist of, cross support and spiral ribbon.
Under the bottom of the tank, there is a flap dome 
valve (pneumatic control or manual control) in the center. 
The strobe is an arc design that ensures that there are no 
material deposits and with no dead angles when mixing. 
A reliable seal prohibits the leakage between the 
frequent close and open actions.
The discon-nexion ribbon of the mixer can make the material 
mix at more high speed and uniformity in short time.
This mixer also can be designed with a hot or cold function.

Product specifications
Effective Volume 1000L
Full Volume 1420L
Speed 46RPM
Weight 700kg
Total Power 11Kw
Length ( TL ) 2394mm
Width ( TW ) 1320mm
Height ( TH ) 2187mm
Length ( BL ) 1500mm
Width ( BW ) 900mm
Height ( BH ) 1050mm
Power 3 Phase 400V 50Hz