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    Dumpling Machines

    Dumpling Machines

    Introducing the HLT-700 range of Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine by ANKO - The Ultimate Dumpling-Making Powerhouse!

    We are thrilled to present ANKO's most powerful dumpling machinery yet, the HLT-700 range of multipurpose filling and forming machines! The perfect solution for commercial dumpling production, these machines combine sophisticated features, high performance output, and ease of use to transform your production process.

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    Features of ANKO Dumpling Maker Machines

    Designed to cater to the world food production needs of businesses ranging from independently owned restaurants to large scale food production facilities, this cutting-edge automatic dumpling making machinery is packed with innovative features that will revolutionise your dumpling production.

    Enhanced Filling System

    The HLT-700 machines are equipped with a new filling system that can handle a wide range of food ingredients. From large pieces to high roughage fillings and less viscous cooked meats, these machines are versatile enough to accommodate various fillings, allowing you to explore a multitude of flavours and textures in your dumplings.

    Perfectly Handmade Appearance

    While automation is key, we understand the importance of maintaining the authenticity and visual appeal of handmade dumplings. The HLT-700 range excels in creating plump, well-formed dumplings that closely resemble the craftsmanship of handmade ones. Impress your customers with visually stunning dumplings that taste just as amazing as they look.

    High Capacity & Efficiency

    With a production capacity of 12,000 pieces per hour when forming dumplings at 25g per piece, the HLT-700 range ensures that you can meet high demand without compromising on quality. Increasing your productivity and serving more customers in less time, enhances your overall efficiency and profitability.

    Compact Design

    Space is often a concern in busy kitchens or food factories. The HLT-700 machinery addresses this with its compact size, requiring less than 1.5 square metres of space. Maximise your production area without sacrificing performance, allowing you to optimise your kitchen layout for seamless operations.

    IoT Integration For Real-Time Monitoring

    Embracing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), the HLT-700 range is equipped with connectivity features that enable real-time monitoring. Managers can oversee production remotely on their mobile devices, ensuring efficient management and quick decision-making. Additionally, data collected from the machine can be processed through Big Data Analytics, providing valuable insights to further improve your operations.

    Maintenance Reminder Program

    Consistency is key to productivity, and the HLT-700 machinery helps you stay on top of maintenance tasks effortlessly. The machine features a maintenance reminder program that ensures regular maintenance is carried out, minimising downtime and maximising consistent productivity.

    Upgrade Your Commercial Dumpling Production

    Upgrade your dumpling production process with the HLT-700 range of Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machines by ANKO. Experience the perfect combination of automation, quality, and versatility in dumpling making. Get in touch for a quote, or to find out more about this impressive range of equipment, and embrace the future of dumpling production today!

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