External Bag Vacuum Packers - Nozzle Type


The Gasung Pack sealers all use a unique " Nozzle " that extends through the seal bar into the bag. This allows you to use normal smooth vacuum pouches of virtually any size up to a massive 3 Metres in Width !

The nozzle automatically retracts immediately prior to the sealing process. These machines are especially suitable for the electronic industry as the circuit card can be positioned accurately during the sealing process

Special models are available for sealing bags in Boxes and drums, as well as versions for use in biochemical clean room environment

All models are also able to gas flush the bags during the sealing process, plus bag coders can be added at time of purchase if required.

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ECO- 35E / 45E Series

From £2,734.38

Gasung Pak GVD-Series

From £4,610.94

Gasung Pak EV - Series

From £3,696.88

Gasung Pak GHV - Series

From £11,343.75

Gasung Pak GH2500E

Price available on request

Gasung Pak Continuous Gas & Flush

Fully automatic continuous vacuum packer and gas flush sealing machine with conveyor
Price available on request