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    Food Mixers

    Food Mixers

    Elevate your culinary creations with our comprehensive range of commercial food mixers!

    We take pride in offering a wide selection of food mixers that cater to diverse culinary needs. Whether you're running a restaurant, a bakery, or a food production facility, we understand the importance of having the right mixer for each task at hand.

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    Our Range of Commercial Food Mixers

    At The Food Machinery Company we offer a full range of food mixers for commercial and professional use. Whatever type of mixing you need to perform, our equipment enables you to complete tasks efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and excellent results every time.

    Butchers Mixers: Delicate Mixing for Exceptional Results

    Ideal for meat processing and beyond, our butchers mixers provide a gentle mixing action to preserve the integrity of your ingredients. With capacities ranging from 35 to 120 litres, these light-duty paddle mixers are perfect for sausage and burger production, and are part of our comprehensive range of butchery machinery. Additionally, they excel in creating cooked pasta salads, sandwich fillings, and even delicate items like whole cooked prawns.

    Planetary Mixers: Versatility and Efficiency Combined

    Designed for versatility, our planetary mixers (often referred to as "Hobart" mixers) are a must-have in any food production environment. From mixing doughs to beating batters and whipping creams, these mixers do it all. We offer planetary food mixers a wide range of capacities, from 5 to 200 litres, with options for both painted and all-stainless steel versions. Removable bowls and optional bowl lifters and tippers enhance convenience and efficiency.

    Spiral Kneaders: Perfect for Dough and More

    If you're in the baking industry or require a dough-like consistency, our spiral kneaders are the answer. These specialised mixers excel in kneading dough for various baked goods, including bread, and can also be used for other products that require similar consistency, such as doner kebab. With capacities ranging from 20kg to 240kg, our spiral kneaders are a popular part of our range of bakery machine, offering high levels of flexibility to meet your production needs.

    Single Paddle Mixers: Gentle Blending for Optimal Results

    With a stainless-steel construction, our single paddle mixers are designed for blending and mixing meats, sausages, burgers, and more. They are also perfect for blending dry ingredients like oats and malts, as well as mixing delicate items such as pasta salads and sandwich fillings. Single paddle food mixers in capacities from 60 to 300 litres, combined with gentle mixing action, ensure consistent results without damaging the ingredients.

    Twin Paddle Mixers: Double the Efficiency

    Similar to single paddle mixers but with twin paddles, our twin paddle mixers offer enhanced efficiency for blending and mixing applications. They can be equipped with either blade paddles or "ribbon" paddles for blending dry ingredients. Pneumatically operated end discharge doors ensure easy and automated emptying of the vessel. Capacities range from 150 litres up to 1250 litres to suit your production scale.

    Vertical Cutter Mixers: Precision Chopping and Emulsification

    Our Vertical Cutter Mixers (VCMs) are perfect for chopping a variety of products, including herbs, bread, nuts, and spices. With the ability to vary the piece size from coarse chop to powder, they are versatile tools for emulsification, allowing you to create soups, pates, sauces, and baby food. The high shear mixing action of VCMs also makes them ideal for producing mayonnaise.

    Stick Blenders: Versatile Blending and Emulsification

    For blending, mixing, and emulsifying directly in a pan or bowl, our stick blenders are a convenient choice. The standard cutting heads excel in emulsification, making them commonly used for the production of soups, mayonnaises, dressings, sauces, and purees. The whisk head on our stick blenders for food production offers additional blending options for purees, vinaigrettes, couscous or rice mixing, and beating eggs or mousses.

    Contact us today, and let us help you elevate your culinary creations with our high-quality food mixers!

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