Food Mixers

We offer a variety of different styles of food mixers according to the product being mixed / blended. 
Butchers Mixers
Light duty simple paddle mixers that available in capacities from 35 up to 120 Litres. These mixers are designed specifically to be deal with the products gently thus avoiding over working the proteins in the mixing and blending of ingredients for sausages and burgers. This gentle action also makes the ideal mixer for Cooked Pasta salads and Sandwich fillings including delicate items like whole cooked prawns. 
Planetary Mixers
This style of this mixer ( often called a “ Hobart “ ) has been designed to be as versatile as possible and has the capability of mixing doughs, beating batters and whipping creams, although it is ideally suited to whipping creams and preparing cake batters. For production environments we recommend that you consider a mixer designed to suit its main application. We offer planetary mixers in capacities ranging from 5 Litres up to 200 Litres and a choice of painted or all stainless steel versions. The bowls are removable on all models and optional bowl lifters and tippers are available. 
Spiral Kneaders
Special mixers designed especially for mixing doughs such as that used in the baking industry, and can also be used for mixing other products where a dough like consistency is required such as Donor Kebab. Capacities range from 20kg up to 240kg. The bowls are removable on some models and optional bowl lifting and tipping equipment is available for these models. 
Single Paddle mixers
This stainless steel construction is initially designed to operate in the meat industry for blending and mixing different meats, as well ingredients such as those used in sausages and burgers. They are also perfect for blending dry ingredients such as oats and malts, as well as mixing flapjack and other energy bar ingredients with the syrups used without causing any damage to the particles in the mix. With a similarly gentle mixing action to the Butchers mixer these machines are ideal for Pasta Salads, Sandwich fillings and other delicate items.
Capacities vary from 60 up to 300 Litres and they are all discharged by the main mixing chamber tilting to one side, normally directly into stainless steel tote bins, optional auto loading lifts can be supplied.
Twin Paddle mixers
Similar to the single paddle mixers but with twin paddles. The paddles can either be a blade paddle, like the paddles fitted to the single paddle models or they can be supplied with a “ Ribbon “ paddle especially for blending dry ingredients. Discharge is completed by pneumatically operated end discharge doors where the direction of the mixing paddles is altered to automatically empty the vessel.
Capacities vary from 150 Litre up to 1250 Litres, optional auto loading equipment can be supplied.
Vertical cutter mixers
Vertical cutter mixers are often referred to as VCMs. They are generally used to chop products including herbs, bread, nuts, spices and biscuits.  You can vary the piece size from course chop to powder (grinding) according to the application. The most common application is Emulsification to produce Soups, Pates, Sauces and Baby food. The high shear mixing action also makes them ideal for making mayonnaise.
Stick blenders
Stick blenders can be used to Blend, Mix and Emulsify in a Pan or Bowl. The standard Cutting heads are ideal for Emulsification and are commonly used for the production of Soups, Mayonnaises, Dressings, Sauces and Purees.
The Whisk Head is often used to blend purees and vinigarettes, to mix cous cous or rice and to beat eggs or mousses.