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    Industrial Cooking

    Industrial Cooking

    A range of commercial cooking machinery and equipment for unmatched performance.

    We proudly present our comprehensive range of industrial cooking systems tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need trolley smokers, ovens, steamers, or more, we have the perfect solution for you. With a focus on quality, functionality, and versatility, our cooking systems are designed to elevate your culinary operations to new heights.

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    Our Range of Industrial Cooking Equipment

    We supply some of the best commercial cooking equipment and industrial cooking systems to food businesses throughout the UK. From specialist machinery tailored to your specific processes, to efficient and innovative cooking systems that deliver reliably outstanding results, our equipment is designed to suit a wide range of cooking applications and requirements.

    Specialist Pass-through Cookers for HACCP Compliance

    Ensuring HACCP separation is crucial in the food industry, and we offer specialist pass-through cookers to meet these stringent requirements. Our cookers are meticulously designed to provide the necessary separation while maintaining optimum performance.

    No matter the application, we can customise and build cookers that align perfectly with your needs. Choose from options such as gas, electric, or steam heating to create your ideal cooking environment.

    Continuous Fryers: From Entry Level to High-Volume Systems

    When it comes to frying, our continuous fryers cover the entire spectrum, from entry level to high-volume systems. Our fryers are designed to maximise efficiency and productivity while maintaining the utmost quality.

    To extend the lifespan of your cooking oil, we offer integrated oil filtration and storage systems. For specific applications such as nuts and snack products, we provide specialised fryers tailored to meet your unique needs. Additionally, our enrobing lines for pre-dusting, battering, and breading ensure a seamless frying process from start to finish.

    Bratt Pans & Oil Jacketed Cookers For High-Temperature Cooking

    When it comes to high-temperature cooking processes like frying, braising, and caramelising, our Bratt pans, and oil-jacketed cookers are second to none. Our traditional electric Bratt pans offer a stainless-steel cooking surface that is easy to clean and provides excellent all-around performance.

    Alternatively, our induction Bratt pans deliver efficient heating up to 250C in just 123 seconds, boasting digital temperature control for precise culinary mastery. Embrace the advantages of induction heating, as it offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooking solutions suitable for a wide variety of culinary processes.

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