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    Industrial Washing & Hygiene

    Industrial Washing & Hygiene

    Cutting-edge industrial washing and hygiene solutions for the food industry!

    Maintaining impeccable hygiene standards in the food industry is not only a requirement but also a significant challenge. We understand the daily struggles of cleaning numerous crates, boxes, trays, pallets, tote bins, and dolavs, and the valuable time and resources it consumes.

    That's why we offer a full range of sophisticated washing machines that enable thorough, safe and efficient cleaning as part of your production operation. Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the food industry, our powerful and low-maintenance washers are meticulously engineered to ensure the highest level of hygiene, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Crate & Bin Washers For Food Processing & Production

    For over 25 years, we have been the trusted supplier of industrial washers from Holland to clients across the UK. Our extensive clientele includes food factories, bakeries, distribution centres, fresh produce growers, research labs, and pharmaceutical companies. When it comes to superior cleaning solutions, we are the experts you can rely on.

    Here are just a few examples of the items our crate & bin washers can effectively clean:

    Distribution & Product Crate Cleaning

    Our washers are specifically designed to handle the cleaning of distribution and product crates. Whether you need to remove stubborn stains, dirt, or residue, our machines deliver outstanding results, saving you time and effort.

    Chocolate Mould Cleaning

    Cleaning chocolate moulds can be a challenging task. With our specialised washers, you can efficiently clean and sanitise your chocolate moulds, ensuring the highest level of hygiene for your confectionery production.

    Tote Bin Cleaning

    Tote bins play a vital role in various industries, including food processing and pharmaceuticals. Our washers are equipped to handle the cleaning of tote bins, removing contaminants, and ensuring they are ready for reuse in your operations.

    Dolav Cleaning

    Dolavs are widely used in the food industry for storage and transportation. Our powerful washers are designed to effectively clean and sanitise dolavs, eliminating any potential risks and maintaining the integrity of your products.

    Pallet Cleaning

    Pallets are essential for efficient logistics and supply chain operations. With our specialised washers, you can easily clean and disinfect pallets, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring the safety of your products.

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    Change Parts Cleaning Solutions For The Food Industry

    When it comes to washing machine change parts and other components in the food industry, we understand the importance of efficiency and thorough sanitation. Our self-contained utensil washers are specifically designed to meet these needs and elevate your hygiene practices to new heights.

    With our utensil washers, you can say goodbye to the limitations of hand washing. Our machines offer a wash cycle of 60C and a hot sanitising rinse at 80C, ensuring that parts are washed and sanitised far more effectively than by manual methods. We even provide alternative temperature cycles to cater to your specific requirements.

    Change parts can be conveniently loaded into a tray and washed together, reducing the risk of loss and damage. Our washers come in various sizes to accommodate different capacities, and we offer side tables for pre-washing and unloading, further streamlining your processes.

    In addition to our utensil washers, we offer a wide range of washing and hygiene machines to suit your specific needs:

    Tunnel Washers

    Ideal for cleaning trays, boxes, crates, and more, our tunnel washers are available in various sizes to accommodate large items. These washers deliver exceptional cleanliness while meeting industry hygiene standards, allowing items to be reused repeatedly.

    Pallet Washers

    Specifically designed for plastic pallets, our pallet washers make the process quick and efficient. With easy loading and unloading capabilities, washing pallets becomes a breeze, simplifying the tasks for your staff and ensuring optimum hygiene.

    Commercial Utensil Washers

    Our utensil washers provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for washing crates, utensils, and tools used in the food processing and manufacturing industry. Zero contamination between uses and minimal staff downtime are guaranteed.

    Shoe Wrap Machines

    Contamination from improperly worn shoe wraps can pose a significant risk in food processing. Our shoe wrap machines ensure proper coverage while only touching the base of shoes, maintaining optimum hygiene for your staff.

    Specialist Washers

    We also offer specialist washers such as load pan washers and trolley washers to cater to the unique needs of larger operations. Our professional team is ready to assist you in finding the best washing and hygiene equipment for your facility.

    The Best Washers & Hygiene Solutions For Your Food Operation

    When you choose our washers, you are investing in cutting-edge technology that not only saves you valuable time and resources but also ensures the utmost hygiene standards.

    Our machines are built to handle the demanding requirements of the food industry, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for your business.

    To find out more about our range of industrial washers and hygiene solutions for commercial food businesses, get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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