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    Joni MultiMix Kettles

    Joni MultiMix Kettles

    Introducing Joni Multimix Kettles: The ultimate cooking solution for your kitchen.

    Joni MultiMix cooking kettles provide a reliable and user-friendly way to transform your cook-and-chill food production process. Offering a range of advanced features, and engineered to the highest standards, these versatile and efficient cooking kettles are designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen.

    Delivering optimal performance and unparalleled levels of hygiene, Joni Multimix Kettles are equipped with a strong integrated stirrer and advanced control system, and are available in sizes ranging from 40 to 300 litres.

    Joni MultiMix: Product Features

    Joni MultiMix kettles are packed with innovative features to save you time, improve productivity, and help you achieve fantastic results from your kitchen and cooking processes.

    Auto Chef 86 and 12-inch Touch Screen

    One of Joni's latest innovations, MultiMix models include the superb Auto Chef 86 feature, offering you a user-friendly 12-inch touch screen interface. Access recipes, batch logs, easy dosing, and the Joni online portal all at your fingertips.

    Enhanced Efficiency & Hygiene

    MultiMix Kettles are designed with a range of features to ensure optimal efficiency and hygiene standards. Enjoy an unheated top, no joints in the food area, and an ergonomic lid design for ease of use. Additionally, the sturdy bowl is made of acid-proof stainless steel, while the hinged lid is constructed from stainless steel for durability.

    High-Speed Stirring & Slow Mix

    Experience the perfect blend of speed and precision with MultiMix's integrated stirrer. Joni Multimix kettles offer both high-speed stirring for quick mixing and slow mix options for delicate recipes.

    Cold Water Tap & Heating Power Control

    Enjoy convenience and flexibility with the inclusion of a cold water tap, allowing you to cool down your ingredients with ease. Additionally, the heating power control dial gives you complete control over your cooking process.

    Energy Analytics & More

    Joni Multimix Kettles go beyond the basics. With energy analytics, you can track and optimise your energy usage, promoting sustainability and cost savings. These kettles are packed with features that cater to the needs of modern kitchens.

    Joni MultiMix Accessories

    Joni MultiMix kettles offer ground-breaking features, but with a range of accessories and add-ons you can get even more functionality from these impressive pieces of equipment.

    • GN-Support
    • Cooling with water
    • Butterfly Valve
    • Spray Gun
    • Sieve Plate
    • Pouring Plate
    • Measuring Rod
    • Cleaning Tool
    • Pedal
    • Rotatable Lid
    • Embedding Fixture
    • Separate Bearing
    • Inspection Hatch
    • Wall bracket for accessory
    • Tool Trolley
    • Whipping Tool
    • Light in Kettle
    • Ice Water Chilling

    Joni MultiMix Kettles: The Perfect Commercial Kitchen Upgrade

    Upgrade your cooking process today with MultiMix Kettles from Joni. As part of the Joni Cooking Kettles range, they represent the ultimate cooking solution for your kitchen and offer innovation, performance, and hygiene in one seamless package.

    Browse our range of MultiMix kettles, or get in touch with our team to find out more about how these fantastic products can help to transform your cooking processes.

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