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    Joni OptiMix Kettles

    Joni OptiMix Kettles

    Introducing Joni OptiMix, cooking kettles packed with features such as integrated stirrer, high tilting height, and advanced control for unparalleled efficiency.

    Are you tired of dealing with multiple appliances and complicated processes in your kitchen? Say goodbye to those challenges with the OptiMix range of cooking kettles from Joni.

    Joni OptiMix kettles deliver a revolutionary solution designed to simplify your workflow and elevate your culinary creations. Featuring an integrated stirrer, high tilting height, and the most advanced control system, these kettles are the game-changer you've been waiting for.

    Joni OptiMix Kettles: Product Features & Highlights

    What sets Joni OptiMix Kettles apart is their innovative design and a wide range of advanced features. Let's explore some of the key highlights you can find in the range.

    Integrated Stirrer

    The built-in stirrer ensures thorough mixing of ingredients, eliminating the need for manual stirring. Say goodbye to unevenly heated or mixed dishes and embrace consistent, high-quality results.

    High Tilting Height

    With an impressive tilting height, OptiMix kettles make it effortless to transfer your prepared food into containers or serving dishes. No more messy spills or struggling to pour hot liquids - OptiMix kettles have got you covered.

    Advanced Control

    OptiMix cooking kettles feature the new Auto Chef 86, a 12-inch touch screen with a user-friendly interface. Access recipes, batch logs, easy dosing options, the Joni online portal, energy analytics, and much more with just a few taps. Take full control of your cooking process with precision and ease.

    Optimal Performance & Hygiene

    Joni OptiMix Kettles are designed to meet the highest performance and hygiene standards. Featuring an unheated top and no joints in the food area, you can ensure a clean and sanitary cooking environment. The ergonomic lid design, high efficiency, fast heating, and sturdy bowl in acid-proof stainless steel contribute to an exceptional cooking experience.

    Versatile Range

    Choose from various sizes, ranging from 40 litres up to 300 litres, to suit your kitchen's needs. Whether you're a small café or a large-scale restaurant, Joni OptiMix kettles have the capacity to handle your volume demands.

    Additional Convenience

    Joni's OptiMix kettles also come equipped with a cold water tap for easy access to chilled water and a heating power control dial for precise temperature adjustments. The stainless steel hinged lid and litre markings further enhance the user experience.

    Joni OptiMix Accessories

    Explore the wide range of innovative tools and accessories to help you get even more from your OptiMix cooking kettle.

    • GN-Support
    • Cooling with water
    • Butterfly Valve
    • Spray Gun
    • Sieve Plate
    • Pouring Plate
    • Measuring Rod
    • Cleaning Tool
    • Pedal
    • Rotatable Lid
    • Embedding Fixture
    • Separate Bearing
    • Inspection Hatch
    • Wall bracket for accessory
    • Tool Trolley
    • Whipping Tool
    • Light in Kettle
    • Ice Water Chilling

    Joni OptiMix: The Ultimate Upgrade for Professional Kitchens

    It's time to simplify your kitchen operations and elevate your culinary creations. Discover the power and efficiency of Joni OptiMix kettles, the ultimate appliance for any professional kitchen. Just like the rest of the Joni cooking kettles range, these products are impeccably engineered and deliver reliably outstanding results every time.

    Experience seamless preparation processes, consistent performance, and unmatched convenience. Say hello to optimised performance with Joni OptiMix Kettles. Browse our range online, or get in touch with our team to learn more about how Joni cooking kettles can work for your kitchen.

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