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    Linear Weighers

    Linear Weighers

    Innovative Linear Weighers to Streamline Your Food Packaging Process.

    Are you tired of complex and expensive conveyor systems to feed your packaging line? Look no further! Our cutting-edge linear weighers offer an all-in-one solution, revolutionising your product packaging experience.

    Fully Featured & Precise Linear Weighers for Food Production

    One of the standout features of our Linear Weighers is their integrated hopper. Say goodbye to manual feeding or the need for conveyorized systems. With our weighers, you can easily fill the hopper by hand, simplifying the process and saving you valuable time and resources.

    Accuracy is paramount when it comes to weighing and packaging, and our Linear Weighers deliver outstanding precision. They are specifically designed for smaller free-flowing granular products with a low individual piece weight. By feeding the product directly into a bin, our weighers ensure unparalleled accuracy, leaving no room for errors.

    Key Features of Linear Weighers

    Hassle-free Operation

    With the integrated hopper, manual feeding becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for conveyorised systems and simplifying your packaging process.

    Superior Accuracy

    Designed for smaller free-flowing granular products, our linear weighers guarantee precise measurements, ensuring consistent and reliable packaging results.

    Time and Cost Savings

    By eliminating the need for complex feeding mechanisms, our linear weighers reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, resulting in significant savings for your business.

    Versatile and Flexible

    Our linear weighers can adapt to various product types, making them suitable for a wide range of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and more.

    Streamlined Packaging

    With their compact design and user-friendly interface, our linear weighers seamlessly integrate into your existing production line, optimising your packaging workflow.

    Vibration-Driven Product Feeding

    Our Linear Weighers employ a sophisticated vibration mechanism to precisely feed the product into the weighing pan. This intelligent system ensures a smooth and controlled flow, gradually reducing the feed rate as the target weight approaches. Once the desired weight is achieved, the feed automatically stops, guaranteeing utmost accuracy and eliminating any wastage.

    Future-Proof Your Packaging Process

    Invest in our cutting-edge Linear Weighers today and embrace the future of weighing technology. Experience unrivalled precision, seamless blending, and unparalleled versatility, all in a single solution. With our industry-leading equipment, including the latest food packaging machinery, you can elevate your packaging capabilities and gain a competitive edge.

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