Meat Trades Journal Article on Cool Meat Project

A European funded project to develop a new way of cooling meat is looking for input from the industry.

The cool meat project is developing a meat cooling system based on the technique known as immersion vacuum cooling (IVC).  The 2 year €1.2 million project is being funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and has the backing of 5 companies, ranging from cooked meat producers to equipment manufacturers, from across Europe.  The scheme is also using existing IVC research conducted by University College Dublin.

The aim of the Coolmeat project is to develop a technologically advanced, cheaper and greener way of rapidly cooling cooked meats that will meet the needs of thousands of cold meat producers in Europe.  Combining rapid processing times with lower mass losses will enable producers to obtain an overall high quality product in terms of safety, sensory and physical characteristics.

The project’s leaders have launched a questionnaire – at – to try to ascertain the sector’s cooling needs.

Lee Gapper of the Food machinery Company, one of the groups engaged in the Coolmeat project, said; “We need as many cooked meat producers as possible to answer our online questionnaire, so that we are sure we are designing the most suitable and versatile unit possible.  All responses will be treated confidentially and will be used solely for this project”