Multihead Weighers

 Multihead weighers provide highly accurate and high-speed weighing of fresh, frozen and dried products. By selecting the weights from multiple hoppers, the weighers     combine multiple hoppers to get very accurate weights.

 Models can also combine up to four individually weighed products to provide both an accurate final weight and to ensure that the “give away” of product is minimised.

10 - 14 - 16 - 20 - 24 - 32 head models available.     -     Models for Engineering components, Fresh meats, Dried, Frozen    -     Can mix / blend up to four products’ (depending on model).
Deposit weights from 5g up to 25kg.    -     Choice of weigh hoppers from 200ml to 5 litres.    -    IP 66 wash down version available.
Specialist models for stick products e.g. Noodles.    -    Colour touch screen in multiple languages.



T&Cs Apply, Service required between 11-13 months from purchase. Chargeable service call plus parts. For Full T&Cs contact

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JW-A Multihead weighers

Our best selling weighers. The JW-A Model have been designed for use with dry products. such as Sweets, Crisps, Nuts, Coffee Beans and similar products. Available in 10, 14, 20 and 24 head versions.
From £16,125.00

Mini Multihead weigher

The Mini weigher uses the same operating system and software but condenses the size of the machine for applications where there size is a problem . Fitted with twin door 400ml Weigh and feed hoppers as standard One special application for the min weigher is for the ready meal sector, we mount the weigher onto a mobile stand with powered height adjustment that allows it to be positioned directly over a production line to automatically dispense pasta / rice / cheese etc into ready meal trays as they are assembled
Price available on request

JW-S Multihead for Salad

14 Head Special model designed for Salad producers for packing leaf products. Has wash down protection.
From £33,375.00

Fresh Meat Weigher

Price available on request

JW-W Multihead suitable for full Washdown

The JW-W model is designed especially for frozen and chilled fresh foods. Full low pressure wash down facility.
From £26,953.13

JW-N Multihead for Noodles and cooked Pasta

Special model with roller feed system for the packing of cooked & chilled noodles and spaghetti
From £37,695.31

Multiple drop systems

Handling system to allow up to 8 portions to be made at the same time, For automatic loading of Tray sealers and thermoformers.
Price available on request

Twin Product 20 Head Multihead weigher

20 head Multihead weigher with split feed hopper. Special model for mixing two different products or supplying twin VFFS machines
From £31,753.16