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    Packaging Machinery

    Packaging Machinery

    Revolutionise Your Food Packaging Process with Our Cutting-Edge Machinery!

    Are you looking to streamline your commercial food packaging operations and enhance efficiency? We are proud to offer a wide range of state-of-the-art packaging machinery designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the food industry. With our advanced equipment, you can optimise your packaging process, increase productivity, and elevate your brand presence.

    Food Packaging Machines

    At The Food Machinery Company we offer a full range of packaging machines to suit a range of product types and specialist requirements. Options include:

    Sachet Machines

    Specifically designed for small pack sizes, our sachet machines offer a convenient and efficient way to package everything from granulated products to liquids and powders.

    VFFS Machines

    Our innovative vertical form fill seal machines offer high levels of flexibility and can be used for a wide range of food products and types of packaging.

    HFFS Machines

    Our high performance horizontal form fill seal machines provide a versatile and efficient way to package a range of food products using a roll of film.

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    Food Packaging Options

    3 Side Seal

    The 3 Side Seal packaging offers a sleek and compact design, providing a secure and tamper-evident seal on three sides of the package. It is ideal for products that require a flat presentation and convenient storage, such as powders, granules, and single-serving items.

    4 Side Seal

    The 4 Side Seal packaging provides complete enclosure and protection for your products. With seals on all four sides, it ensures excellent product preservation, extends shelf life, and offers a versatile canvas for branding and labelling. This packaging format is suitable for a wide range of products, including snacks, confectioneries, and pharmaceuticals.

    Back Seal

    Back Seal packaging is characterised by a central seal at the back, providing a clean and professional appearance. It offers flexibility in size and can accommodate various product types, such as coffee, spices, or pet treats. The back seal design ensures optimal product visibility and ease of stacking.

    Stick Pack

    Stick Packs are elongated, narrow packages that provide a convenient single-serve option for products like coffee, sugar, energy powders, or liquid condiments. Their slim and portable design makes them ideal for on-the-go consumption, while their efficient use of packaging material minimises waste.

    Pillow Pack

    Pillow Packs are classic, versatile packaging solutions that provide a cost-effective and efficient way to package a variety of products. With their clean, rectangular shape, they can accommodate a wide range of items, including snacks, confectioneries, cosmetics, and household goods

    Stand-up Pouch

    Stand-up Pouches offer a combination of functionality and visual appeal. Their self-standing feature allows for easy shelf placement and attractive product presentation. Stand-up Pouches are available in various sizes and are perfect for dry goods, snacks, pet food, and liquid or powdered products.

    Special Packaging

    In addition to our standard packaging options, we also offer special packaging solutions tailored to unique requirements. Whether you need custom shapes, sizes, or materials, our experienced team can collaborate with you to create innovative packaging solutions that perfectly showcase your product and brand.

    A Full Range of Food Packaging Solutions

    Packaging plays a crucial role in product appeal, protection, and consumer satisfaction. We are dedicated to helping you find the ideal packaging type that meets your specific needs, enhances your brand image, and optimises the functionality and marketability of your products.

    Contact us today at FMC Pack to explore the diverse range of packaging options we offer and discover the perfect fit for your business.

    Explore Food Packaging & More at Our Development Kitchen

    We are thrilled to invite you to our state-of-the-art Development Kitchen, where innovation meets culinary excellence. Our dedicated facility is designed to provide you with the perfect environment to explore and trial our cutting-edge food packaging and weighing machinery. Come and witness firsthand how our machinery can revolutionise your commercial food business!

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