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    Pick & Place Applications


    Pick & Place Applications

    Typical Applications for Pick & Place Robots:

    FMC uses a creative and conceptual design process to ensure we implement the most appropriate tool for your application. Common applications include:

    • Fast Loading: Robots picking collated parts from an incoming conveyor and loading them into pre-erected cartons carried by an outgoing conveyor with high precision and speed.
    • Inspection and Quality Control: Robots visually inspecting and picking out defective products moving on a fast conveyor.
    • Fast Packaging: Vision systems identifying parts randomly spread out on a moving conveyor and feeding random part locations to robot(s) who transfer them into packaging containers moving on separate conveyors at high speed.
    • Fast Sortation: Robot instantaneously picks and separates different types of parts passing through a 2D or 3D vision system field of view.

    Robotic pick and place automation is now significantly speeding up the process of picking parts up and placing them in new locations. Often coupled with vision systems to identify component location and encoders to enable picking on the move, parts can now be picked at rates of 150ppm or more using multiple arrangements of high speed pNp robots with extreme reliability and consistency to meet the very highest production demands and increase the earning potential of your production line.

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