Pouch Filling & Sealing Machines

Options for using either premade bags / pouches or manufacturing the bags from a roll of film, production speeds from 10 to 150 per minute.

Vacuum options and auto filling options for small products available.

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Rotary Pouch Machine - Pre made bags & pouches

Rotary Pouch filling system for pre made bags & pouches. Fast, compact and reliable.
From £59,656.25

Rotary Pouch Machine with vacuum packing

Rotary Pouch filling system with automatic vacuum packing system
From £0.00

Linear Pouch machine with Vacuum sealing for small bags

Unique system for filling and vacuum sealing of pouches as small as 50mm wide
From £0.00

EIAHE Pre-made Stand up pouch filling machine

EIAHE P series bag and pouch filling system. Uses premade bags & pouches
From £57,857.14

EIAHE Stand up pouch production & filling machine -

EIAHE S series automatic bag and pouch making system. Manufactures the pouch or sachet from a roll of film
From £145,714.29