Ready Meal Production line

Automated Ready meal packaging line.
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The line featured in the video and drawing is a ready meal production line. It uses 2 special multihead weighers to portion cooked spagetti or one to portion cooked rice or cooked pasta pieces. The line consists of a 3rd weigher to portion the meat pieces and a volumetric filler to portion the sauces.

The multihead weighers use a special 1 into 6 sorting system to index the potions into the formed pockets on a Thermoforming machine.
The volumetric portioner uses a logic control to portion the sauce 2 packs at a time.

The products are conveyed from downstairs to upstairs on hooked conveyors, via Vibratory feeders.

The whole system was designed to be cleaned in place.

Ready Meal Line

Ready Meal Line

70 packs a minute of Chicken in sauce and cooked rice

Product specifications
Production Capacity 70 packs a minute