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    Rice Cooking System

    Rice Cooking System

    Discover a range of high performance rice cooking machinery and rice production solutions for commercial use.

    For many years, we have proudly partnered with a renowned Japanese company specialising in the manufacturing of rice cooking and production machinery. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to innovation, Aiho Corporation is at the forefront of the industry, providing state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of rice producers worldwide.

    Commercial Rice Cooking Machines From AiHo

    The range of rice cookers by AiHo are designed to efficiently cook large volumes of rice in short periods while allowing you to control the balance of heat and water to achieve the desired results. With advanced features and technology, AiHo rice cookers provide a convenient and reliable solution for cooking rice in bulk. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of these impressive machines:

    Large Capacity

    Rice cookers are designed to handle large volumes of rice, making them suitable for commercial or high-capacity rice cooking needs. They can accommodate a significant amount of rice, allowing you to cook large quantities at once.

    Efficient Rice Cooking

    Engineered to cook rice efficiently, our machines reduce cooking time without compromising the quality of the rice. Advanced heating elements ensure even heat distribution throughout the cooking process, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time.

    Precise Heat & Water Control

    With precise control over the delicate balance of heat and water, you can adjust the cooking temperature and water levels according to your preferences or specific rice varieties. This level of control helps you achieve consistent results and tailor the cooking process to meet your requirements.

    User-Friendly Interface

    A user-friendly interface means it's easy to program and operate AiHo rice cookers. Digital displays with intuitive controls allow you to select the desired cooking mode, adjust settings, and monitor the cooking progress quickly and easily.

    Durability & Safety

    AiHo ensures that their rice cookers are built to withstand the demands of high-volume rice cooking. They are constructed using durable materials and incorporate safety features to prevent overheating or potential hazards during operation.

    Types of Rice Cookers

    We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of rice cookers to cater to various needs and preferences. In addition to our standalone cabinet-type rice cookers, we also provide continuous rice cookers in gas, electric, and steam variants.

    Our goal is to provide versatile solutions that meet the diverse requirements of commercial kitchens, food production facilities, and other culinary settings. Here's an overview of our rice cooker offerings:

    Standalone Cabinet Type Rice Cookers

    Gas Rice Cookers

    Our gas-powered standalone cabinet rice cookers are designed to deliver efficient and reliable cooking performance. They utilise gas as a fuel source, providing precise heat control and quick cooking times.

    Electric Rice Cookers

    Our electric standalone cabinet rice cookers are ideal for establishments where gas is not available or preferred. They offer convenient plug-and-play operation, ensuring consistent cooking results with adjustable heat settings.

    Continuous Rice Cookers

    Gas Continuous Rice Cookers

    Our gas-powered continuous rice cookers are designed for high-volume rice production. They provide a continuous cooking process, allowing you to cook rice without interruptions. These cookers are perfect for large-scale food production facilities and catering services.

    Electric Continuous Rice Cookers

    Our electric continuous rice cookers offer the same benefits as their gas counterparts but operate using electricity. They are efficient, reliable, and suitable for facilities where gas is not an option or preference.

    Steam Continuous Rice Cooker

    Our steam continuous rice cookers utilise steam to cook rice continuously. They are energy-efficient and provide excellent heat distribution for even cooking. These cookers are commonly used in industrial-scale rice processing facilities.

    Rice Production Machines & Equipment

    In addition to our range of rice cookers, we also offer a selection of machines designed to enhance and streamline the rice cooking process. These machines include:

    Rice Silo with Measurement Device

    Our rice silo is equipped with a measurement device that allows for efficient storage and dispensing of rice. The measurement device ensures accurate portion control and minimises waste, making it an essential component for large-scale rice production.

    Continuous or Standalone Rice Washers

    Our rice washer machines are available in both continuous and standalone configurations. They are designed to efficiently clean rice, removing impurities and excess starch. The continuous rice washer is ideal for high-volume production, while the standalone rice washer is suitable for smaller batches.

    Rice Soaking & Filling Machines

    The rice soaking and filling machine automates the process of soaking rice, ensuring consistent and controlled soaking times. It can also accurately fill measured amounts of soaked rice into designated containers or cookers, saving time and labour.

    Automatic Rice Mixers

    Our automatic rice mixers are designed to thoroughly and evenly mix rice, ensuring consistent texture and flavour. They reduce manual labour and achieve uniform mixing, making an excellent addition to large-scale rice production facilities.

    Seasoning Liquid Injectors

    A seasoning liquid injector is a versatile machine that precisely injects seasoning liquids into cooked rice, allowing for uniform distribution and enhanced flavour. It is particularly useful for preparing flavoured rice dishes or for adding sauces to rice for sushi.

    Rice Coolers

    Our rice cooler machines rapidly cool cooked rice, preserving its texture and quality. They are especially useful for large-scale operations where cooling rice quickly is essential to maintain food safety standards and optimise production efficiency.

    Rice Pot Washer

    The rice pot washer is a specialised machine designed to efficiently clean and sanitise rice cooking pots. It saves time and effort by automating the pot cleaning process and ensuring hygienic conditions for subsequent rice batches.

    Find The Best Rice Cooking Solution For Your Needs

    Whatever the scale of your business, contact us today to discover the possibilities and unlock the full potential of Japanese excellence in rice production machinery.

    Alongside our comprehensive selection of rice cooking solutions, we also supply a full range of world food production machines, so whether you want to make spring rolls, samosas, bao buns or anything else, we can help. Experience the perfect fusion of technology and taste, tailored specifically for your operations in the UK.

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