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    Robot Palletising

    Robot Palletising

    FMC Robot Palletising Systems - From Start to Finish!

    From the simple to the complex to the very high speed, FMC Robot Palletising Systems are a flexible and future proofed method of automating product handling. Ranging from ‘one in - one out’ manual pallet exchange systems to fully automated multi lane, multi grip, multi function high output robotic production lines - FMC will solve your palletising needs. And with conveying as one of our ‘core’ business sectors highly competitive solutions are guaranteed.

    Our range of palletising robots are specifically optimised for high end cyclic capability and reach. Multiple gripper designs are available ‘Off the Shelf’ for single or zonal picking and release and gripping methods ranging from vacuum to mechanical grip and release.

    When handling a wider variety of products requiring alternate gripping requirements auto tool changers ensure production can be continued unhindered and without manual intervention.

    FMC robots typically handle anything from paper/plastic sacks to cardboard or corrugated cardboard boxes and many irregular or unconventional items as well as pallet sizes from the more standard UK, Euro, Half Euro and GKN’s to the nondescript custom sized pallets. These can be manually introduced into our systems or automatically dispensed from within them.

    Specialised palletising software (available optionally) provides the ability to add or modify palletising patterns without programming experience giving our customers greater flexibility and control when reacting to future production demands.

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