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    Robots in the Food Sector

    Robots in the Food Sector

    Robots in the Food Sector:

    Historically popular in automating end of line palletising of the finished product, robots are now being used to a far greater degree earlier in production ‘process’ areas to either pack product directly into packaging or handle tasks directly involved in the manufacturing process.

    FMC’s vast experience in supplying process and packing equipment to the food industry for more than 30 years allows us to work effectively in this new robot sector.

    When your equipment operates at high throughput and efficiency, performance can be compromised by frequent manual intervention. The most effective solutions incorporate dedicated yet flexible automation to help minimise process interruption.

    In addressing this issue, our customers in the food industry have come to expect the highest processing, sorting and packing solutions through to end of line palletising - all of which FMC can now provide.

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