Rotary Table

Stainless Steel Rotary Table with Variable Speed.
From £1,992.19
The Rotary Collecting Table is designed for collecting
the bags from a packing machine or a take away conveyor.
The bags then stay on the surface so that the worker
can clean up all the finished bags according to priority
and make the work more efficient.
The speed of the Rotary Collecting Table is adjustable.
The Table is made of Stainless Steel.
We have newly improved the rotary collecting table so
you can adjust the height easily.
Rotary Collecting Table

Rotary Collecting Table

2015-05-28 rotary collecting table

2015-05-28 rotary collecting table

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Product specifications
Model BJ-8-1 Rotary Collecting Table
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 1200mm Ø x 836mm Height
Net Weight 250kgs
Voltage 220V Single Phase
Power 0.36Kw 50Hz