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    Seeing is Believing

    Seeing is Believing

    FMC Robot Palletising Systems - From Start to Finish!

    With major food retailers demanding lower costs with penalties for incorrectly labelled or sub quality products automated food production can gain significant improvements in profitability by applying machine vision technology. This technology never tires and applies the same criteria to the imaging process 24 hours a day 7 days a week at speeds where humans just canít consistently or reliably keep up.

    Here are some of the ways our use of vision can help:

    Picking & Packing: Vision working in conjunction with robotics allows consistent packaging even where multiple products are mixed in any orientation.

    Portioning: Reduce give away by using 3D vision technology to provide real time machine feedback.

    Sorting & Grading: Maximise quality of bulk produce such as pulses and rice by removing contaminants while grading your product.

    Label Verification: With supermarkets issuing fines for incorrectly labelled or printed products end of line packaging and label verification can have a fast return on investment.

    Quality Control: Ensuring food looks good is critical for premium brand foods. Vision based quality control can ensure distribution of pizza or bun toppings, colour of baked products and analysing the cell structure for breads.

    Food Safety: Hyper-spectral vision technology can detect life threatening food contamination in products such as poultry and fish while XRay can detect foreign objects in both fresh and processed foods.

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