ShoeWrap Film Blue (without anti-slip)

Film for the ShoeWrap Machine

Film rolls delivered x4 Rolls per box. Other options available, Red and blue with / without anti-slip coating. 

Film without anti-slip = 1000 impressions per roll.

Film with anti-slip = 600 impressions per roll.

Minimum order quantities are x1 box.

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Quick effective & strong shoe covers made to fit your shoe. Ideal for Staff and Visitors. Saves time & money, plus more hygienic and convenient. Up to 1,000 Shoe covers on a single roll, takes only 5 seconds per shoe to apply, no need to touch the shoes so improved hygiene and efficiency

ShoeWrap Film Red (with anti-slip strips )*

Film for the ShoeWrap Machine This film is coloured Red for use in Food environments to help distinguish between low and high care areas, the film is printed with longitudinal white strips that reduce the potential slip when compared to the standard film.