Spiral Mixers

The Food Machinery Company brings you a selection of industrial spiral mixers for use in commercial settings. Browse our range of universal spiral kneaders to find the one thats right for your setting.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please do get in touch.

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CAPLAIN PAF Slanting Arm Kneaders

2 Speeds, Liftable protection grid, Stainless steel bowl, Cast aluminium fork, Bowl brake, Electromechanical control panel.
Price available on request

Caplain PE25FE Universal Spiral Kneader

30L Bowl Capacity, (9L Pouring, 15kg Flour), 25kg Dough
From £5,269.68

Caplain PE60FE Universal Spiral Kneader

75L Bowl Capacity, (22L Pouring, 35kg Flour), 60kg Dough
From £8,805.21

Caplain PE80FE Universal Spiral Kneader

113L Bowl Capacity, (30L Pouring, 50kg Flour), 80kg Dough
From £10,667.85

Caplain PE120FE Universal Spiral Kneader

187L Bowl Capacity, (40L Pouring, 80kg Flour), 120kg Dough
From £13,774.52

Caplain PE180FE Universal Spiral Kneader

229L Bowl Capacity, (80L Pouring, 100kg Flour), 180kg Dough
From £15,849.03

Caplain PE240FE Universal Spiral Kneader

297L Bowl Capacity, (90L Pouring, 150kg Flour), 240kg Dough
From £16,266.83

Caplain PE180FE-CA Spiral Kneader

187L Bowl, (40L Pouring, 80kg Flour), 120kg Dough. REMOVABLE BOWL.
From £27,667.31

Caplain PE240FE-CA Spiral Kneader

330L Bowl Capacity, (90L Pouring, 150kg Flour), 240kg Dough. REMOVABLE BOWL.
From £37,537.85