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    Spring Roll Machines

    Spring Roll Machines

    Introducing ANKO’s revolutionary spring roll machine and spring roll production line.

    At The Food Machinery Company, we’re proud to supply ANKO spring roll machines and production solutions that are specifically engineered to deliver the highest levels of quality, reliability and efficiency.

    Equipped with unique filling and forming mechanisms that mimic the precision and care of handmade procedures, this innovative technology ensures that each spring roll will be crafted to perfection, maintaining the authentic taste and quality that your customers love.

    Commercial Spring Roll Production Line

    Our spring roll production machinery offers a comprehensive solution for every stage of the production process, ensuring ultimate efficiency and consistent quality. Let's explore each step of spring roll production in detail:


    To ensure a smooth and lump-free dough, our production line includes a flour separator and filter. These machines effectively process the flour, filtering out any lumps and ensuring a consistent texture for your wrappers.

    Spring Roll Equipment

    The forming machine is the centrepiece of the Spring Roll Production Line. It takes the prepared batter and spreads it onto a baking drum, transforming it into an incredibly thin strip of spring roll wrapper. This innovative technology ensures the wrappers are uniform in size and thickness, guaranteeing consistent quality for your spring rolls. The sheets of spring roll wrappers are then cut into the desired size, ready for filling, folding, and rolling into perfect spring rolls all done on this amazing machine.


    We understand the importance of deep-frying in achieving the crispy and delicious texture of spring rolls. To meet different production capacities and requirements, we offer a variety of deep-frying machines. These machines are equipped with a digital controller to maintain the oil temperature at a precise degree, ensuring that every batch of spring rolls is uniformly heated for optimal results. Additionally, the oil tank is designed with a wire mesh conveyor system, making it easy to collect and pack the deep-fried spring rolls after frying.


    Our spring roll production line is equipped with a packing machine, enabling you to quickly and efficiently deliver your products to various channels. Additionally, if you require other machines such as an aligning machine, fryer, or freezer, our experienced sales engineers can provide practical and affordable solutions tailored to your specific needs

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    Features of ANKO Spring Roll Making Machines

    Just like all of the world food production machines we supply, our range of ANKO's spring roll solutions are packed with innovative features to provide efficiency, ease of use, and of course fantastic results.

    New Filling System

    ANKO's innovative filling system is designed to preserve the textures of the filling ingredients without over-compressing them. This ensures that the original crunchiness and flavours are maintained, delivering a delightful eating experience.

    Wide Variety of Filling Ingredients

    The SR-27 machine can process and extrude a wide range of filling ingredients, including shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, and mixed vegetables. It enables you to create diverse and delicious spring rolls without the need for added starch while preserving the desired crunchiness of the vegetables.

    Adjustable Spring Roll Tightness

    Tailor your spring rolls to meet different product requirements by adjusting the tightness of the wrapping. This flexibility allows you to cater to varying customer preferences and market demands.

    Modified Wrapper Texture

    The production line allows you to customise the texture of the spring roll wrappers by using different flour and water ratios. This versatility enables you to create unique and distinctive spring roll offerings that stand out from the competition.

    Handmade Rolling Designs and High Efficiency

    ANKO's spring roll machine incorporates the techniques used in handmade rolling, ensuring the authenticity and quality of each spring roll. Despite offering high precision, these machines achieve an impressive production speed, producing a perfect spring roll in just 1.4 seconds.

    User-friendly Control Panel

    Control panels are designed with user-friendliness in mind, being intuitive to interpret and operate, to further simplifying the production process. Additionally, machines feature a built-in IoT system, allowing for remote production monitoring and control for added convenience and efficiency.

    New Mechanism Design

    The latest ANKO spring roll making machines incorporate a new mechanism design that enhances production stability and machine durability. This design optimisation contributes to reliable and long-lasting machine performance.

    Water Resistant Design

    The parts of the machine that come into contact with food products are designed to be water-resistant. This feature allows for easy cleaning with low-pressure water, ensuring a high level of food safety and hygiene standards.

    High-Capacity Filling Hopper

    The SR-27 spring roll machine is equipped with a filling hopper that has a generous capacity of 50 litres per cycle. This maximises production efficiency and minimises the need for frequent refilling, enabling continuous and smooth operation.

    One-Stop Spring Roll Integrated Planning

    Here at The Food machinery Company we offer comprehensive assistance with production line planning and configuration, providing you with a complete spring roll production solution.

    Our team of experts will collaborate closely with you to ensure that the production line aligns with your specific requirements, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing processes and workflows.

    Find The Best Spring Roll Machinery For Your Business

    Are you ready to take your spring roll production to the next level? Look no further than ANKO's revolutionary SR-27 spring roll machine and SRPF spring roll production line. Designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, customisation, and user-friendliness, this cutting-edge equipment is the ultimate solution for your commercial spring roll making needs.

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