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    Staubli Robotics

    Staubli Robotics

    Stšubli is an expert in the food and beverage industry, with economical robotic solutions for even the most demanding applications. Staubliís HE robots are a prime example of their high level of expertise in the food sector. These robots are designed for use in sensitive conditions that require daily cleaning, as they can be exposed to washing and disinfecting solutions.

    To comply with the most stringent standards, in cooperation with the EHEDG, Stšubli has designed a new lifting mechanism as an alternative to delta robots. Thanks to their FAST picker TP80 robot Staubli can now automate certain food applications that were not possible before.

    Did you know?Ö

    Stšubli robots can actually clean themselves. The robots can wash and sterilise their tools as often as necessary, then clean their workstation and the area within their reach. Total hygiene, guaranteed.

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