Twin Paddle Mixers / Ribbon Blenders

Similar to the single paddle mixers but with twin paddles, the paddles can either be a blade paddle such as that fitted to the single paddle models or they can be supplied with a “ Ribbon “ paddle especially for blending dry ingredients. Discharge is by pneumatically operated end discharge doors where the direction of the mixing paddles is altered to automatically empty the vessel.
Capacities vary from 150 Litre up to 1250 Litres, optional auto loading equipment can be supplied.

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BJBJ-300FS 300 Lt capacity paddle meat mixer

300 Ltr capacity dual-shaft paddle meat mixer.
From £14,273.44

BVBJ-300 As for BJBJ 300- With Vacuum

300Ltr Meat Mixer with Vacuum
From £15,339.84

BVBJ-500 As for BJBJ 500- With Vacuum

500Ltr Meat Mixer with Vacuum
From £21,656.25

BVBJ-750 As for BJBJ 750- With Vacuum

750ltr meat mixer with vacuum
From £29,531.25

BVBJ-1000 As for BJBJ 1000- With Vacuum

1000Ltr Meat mixer with vacuum
From £36,914.06