Vacuum Packing

The Food Machine co. offers a broad range of customisable industrial vacuum packing machines, ranging from manual table tops, to fully-automatic conveyor belt vacuum packing machines.

Why should I vacuum pack?


Food hygiene and preservation is becoming more prominent than before in today’s society, and vacuum packing will help you achieve higher levels of sanitation and preservation by placing the components of the bag into a vacuum by sucking all the air out of the packing.  Vacuum packing reduces the amount of oxygen in the contents, which is one of the main factors causing food to expire; this means that food will stay fresher and cleaner, for longer. 

When this is combined with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)/Gas Flushing we create a more suitable environment for preserving food during the packing process.  MAP is the extraction of oxygen, and then re-filling the packed contents with the correct amounts of gas to create an optimal atmosphere where food can be preserved for longer.  As a result, this can help food last up to 5 times its duration without a compromise to taste, texture and freshness, as it reduces the amount of oxidisation and moisture in its contents.

Hardware & Other Materials

Vacuum packing can also be applied to Hardware and Materials because these components can also erode over time due to oxidisation.  The MAP function is one of the most useful functions for packing specialised equipment, as they may need very specific atmospheric requirements in order to be preserved to the best condition.  Our MAP and Gas Flushing systems will help you simulate the best atmosphere within the packaging to help preserve your products.

Vacuum packing can also be used to increase stock and mailing capacity.  The process of vacuuming the air out of the packed contents comes with the side effect of compression: vacuum packing items such as mattresses and pillows, can be compressed up to 1/5 of its original size, thereby increasing stock capacity.  When the compression is used in conjunction with the delivery of products, particularly clothing and blankets, will lead to more cost effective delivery capacities.

Why should you choose us?

Vacuum packing is one of the oldest preservation techniques used today and we firmly believe that it will continue to play an important role in the future for a long time to come.  We promise you our commitment to your needs, and we will work closely with you to meet your organisational demands.  Upon the delivery of the machines, we will also provide you with the necessary training to efficiently operate the equipment.



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