Vertical Feed Conveyor

" Hooked " flights allow a 75 degree angle of feed to save space. Suitable for dry, frozen and fresh products.
From £7,593.75

All stainless steel construction that comes unique " hooked " flights to allowing for up to a 75 degree near vertical feed of dry, frozen and fresh produce.

The design of the conveyor body allows a full wash down facility and the integral side flights flex around the corners to mean that there are no side guides to remove for cleaning.

The machine can be used as a stand alone conveyor or be used with our vibratory feeders and other packaging systems.

The height of this can be up to 6 metres and can also be extended to give a reach of a further 6 metres (approximately) to reach across to where required. Options include variable speed inverter control if required.

Vertical Feed Conveyor Brochure

Vertical Feed Conveyor Brochure

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Product specifications
Material Stainless Steel / P.P Food Grade (75° Angle)
Dimensions 5355 x 754 x 3986mm
Net Weight 600kg
Power 380V 3 phase / 220V single phase