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    VFFS Machines

    VFFS Machines

    Introducing The Food Machinery Company's revolutionary Modular Packing System VFFS intermittent motion machines! We take immense pride in presenting a cutting-edge solution that will transform your food packaging process.

    Innovative VFFS Machines For Food Packaging

    Our vertical form fill seal system is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to optimise your packing operations with ease. With our modular design, you can now have a single VFFS machine equipped with multiple fillers, catering to a wide range of products including dry goods, liquids, and powders.

    VFFS Packaging Machine Design

    What sets our VFFS system apart is its unique chassis design, eliminating the need for a platform. The fillers can be directly mounted onto the VFFS, ensuring efficient and hassle-free integration. Thanks to this innovative feature, you can seamlessly switch between different fillers using a stacker truck or a forklift, saving you time and effort.

    To further enhance your packaging experience, our VFFS system is equipped with a double servo control system. This advanced technology enables precise horizontal sealing and film pulling, ensuring consistent packaging quality and minimising waste.

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    Options For Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

    Tailor your system to meet your specific needs and achieve optimal results. Here are some of the exceptional options available:

    Euro Slot or Round Hole Punch

    Customise your packaging with convenient euro slots or round holes, allowing for easy display and hanging of your products.

    Thermal Transfer Printer

    Achieve professional and high-quality printing directly on your packaging with our thermal transfer printer option. Add barcodes, expiration dates, logos, and product information effortlessly.

    Vacuum Pulling Belts

    Ensure precise control and stability during the filling and sealing process with vacuum pulling belts, minimising product movement and maintaining consistent packaging quality.

    Product Settler

    Optimise your product distribution within the packaging by incorporating a product settler, ensuring even filling and reducing product settling during transportation.

    Gas Flush

    Extend the shelf life of your products by incorporating a gas flush system. This option replaces the atmosphere inside the package with a modified gas mixture, preserving freshness and quality.

    Static Eliminator

    Minimise static electricity build-up and its potential impact on packaging by including a static eliminator. This ensures a smooth and efficient packaging process.

    Tear Notch

    Enhance consumer convenience with tear notches, allowing for easy opening of the packaging without the need for scissors or additional tools.

    Remote Diagnostics

    Stay in control of your packaging operations by incorporating remote diagnostic capabilities. This feature allows for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance support from a remote location.

    PE Sealing System

    Experience superior sealing quality by integrating a PE sealing system, providing strong and reliable seals for various packaging materials.

    Film Tracking Device

    Maximise efficiency and minimise film waste with a film tracking device, precisely monitoring and adjusting film position during the packaging process.

    Find The Best VFFS Machines For Your Business

    Experience the future of packaging with our advanced VFFS machine. Enhance your efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior quality products to your customers.

    Contact us today to explore how our VFFS machine can transform your packaging operations. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have elevated their packaging game with our cutting-edge technology.

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