Virutekk MPK 65-65 Utensil washer

Utensil / Ware washer for industrial washing of all machine parts and utensils

The warewasher MPK-65-65 is designated for washing
containers, machine parts ,pots, pans, trays, dishes, glasses, cups and

Washing area dimensions 650х780х650 mm make it possible washing kitchen utensils of big size. The washing capacity is 19 pots
or pans (no more than 600 mm in diameter) per hour. The
power is 11.5 kW, the power of the boiler is 9 kW.

Userfriendly pushbutton electronic control panel with a digitalindicator of the remaining washing time, water temperature

Separate modes and systems of water circulation for
washing and rinsing.  

Automatic filling of the bath and its
water level maintaining.  

Constant monitoring andmaintaining of the temperature of the water.

Automaticsupply of rinsing and washing agent. Booster pump for constant pressure and temperature maintenance whilerinsing.

Rounded-off corners of the bath make sanitary
cleaning an easy process.

All the nozzles and sprayers are
made of stainless steel of AISI 321. The nozzles can be
cleaned easily and quickly. All the metal components of the
machine are made  of stainless steel of AISI 304.
Standard delivery set includes a sliding platform for kitchen
utensils and accessories installation.

- Basket for plates washing 500х500 mm
- Basket for glasses and cups washing 500x500 mm
- Grid of stainless steel for basket for glasses and cups
- Holder for trays and flat gastronorm containers
- Safety grid for covering light cutlery and kitchen utensils
while washing.

MPK Brochure

MPK Brochure

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Product specifications
Pump Size 2.2 Kw